Penguin Panels
Category:Tuna Pond Arcade Puzzler
When:Released Dec 2010
Role:Solo Developer
Exercise your pattern-matching skills by seeking out rows and columns of like-symboled tuna! Feed the hungry penguin and avoid touching the explosive shells.
Developer Notes
Dev Time:Dec 2010 (2 Days)
Made in two days during the winter of 2010. I read an article about Kindle game development and decided to make something falling somewhere within the restrictions of the device at the time. Graphics-wise and audio-wise I did an okay job - this was aimed at the 2nd or 3rd generation of Kindle, if I remember correctly - but the controls would require some heavy modifications to work on one of those target platforms. At least the core puzzling is fun, and there's some small amount of depth here. Overall, not too bad for two days worth of work!