About Me
I'm Autumn Beauchesne, game developer and programmer extraordinaire.
I create games and stories to express and explore my ideas.
I also create tools to help others do the same.
Game Development
I started out making games in the mid-to-late 2000s with GameMaker.
While at college, I branched out and started working with Flash, Twine, and XNA.
Nowadays, I primarily work with Unity and Typescript.
I make games to explore systems from both mechanical and thematic angles.
I make games to present ethical and educational experiences.
I make games to enjoy collaborating with others.
I make games to help others make games.
As a programmer, one of my primary responsibilities, and one of my particular focuses, is the development of tools.
Insufficient tools create programming bottlenecks. I specialize in helping solve that problem. Designers, artists, sound engineers, other programmers... every member of the team should be able to contribute to the project. Removing those bottlenecks through tools expands the team's ability to create and iterate. If you don't need a programmer to test out new mechanics, you get more prototypes. More prototypes gives you more time to iterate on ideas. More time to iterate on ideas gives the game a much greater chance at being a good expression of those ideas.