Extreme Fly Fishing 2013
Category:Trippy Endless Climbing Simulator
When:Released Spring 2013
Role:Programmer (Team New Mexico)
Links:Play | APK | Video | License
Play as fisherman Al. Soar through the skies using nothing more than a fishing pole, bobber, and your incredible muscles. Prepare for an emotional journey through nine levels of arcade heaven.
Developer Notes
Dev Time:Spring 2013 (6 Weeks)
Fav Level:The Void
Made in six weeks as a group project. We were prompted to create a mobile game, and we ended up with a fun, if bizarre, fishing experience. There's a journey of a virtual mile to make, tricks to pull off, and some very trippy environments to explore.
It's a challenging game, and while certain areas are more polished than others, the experience is solid. I'm particularly fond of the Void level, which surprised and shocked many testers. This was also my first experience with mobile game development, which forced me to consider optimizations that previously hadn't been necessary. I created a Flash framework, BeauSWFMobile, specifically for this project.
Audio:Sound | Music
Jak Tiano, who did design work and created most of the in-game music.
Nicholas Robison, who assisted with design work.
Timothy Yasi, Michael Medina, and Caitlin Coon, who made the game look pretty.
William Saxe, who provided the voice for the [spoiler] level.
FreeSound, whose sounds provide the game's atmosphere.
FreeMusicArchive, source of additional in-game music.