Saving Lives!
Category:CPR Training Simulation
When:Released iOS Dec 2017
Role:Solo Engineer (Filament Games)
Based on current American Heart Association Guidelines for chest compression and rhythm, Saving Lives! helps players practice their foundational CPR and basic life support skillsets by administering CPR to a patient in a simulated emergency scenario.
Players will internalize the compression rate and proper procedure for CPR, receiving contextualized, just-in-time feedback as patient status changes based on their performance. Players will also gain experience using an automated external defibrillator (AED) to resuscitate unresponsive patients.
Layperson and professional modes are also available for players who want to take their CPR skills to the next level!
Winner of a 2018 International Serious Play Awards Gold Medal!
Matt Haselton, who was the project's game designer.
Maike Loane, who served as producer.
Chenya Chang, who provided art.
Dave Hoffman, who served as UX.
Alex Yaeger, who provided initial UX design.
Josh Bartels, who provided audio design.
Chris Won, who delivered the game's 3d models.
Brian Czech and Nell Farrell, who were our QA support.
Eric Bauman, who was our client and subject matter expert.
Pierlo at FreeMusicArchive, whose music we used under Creative Commons.