Take Off!
Category:Place Value Learning Game
When:Released Nov 2015
Role:Primary Engineer (Filament Games)
In Take Off, players help a group of chickens who want to travel and see the world. Since the chickens cannot fly, they hire an airline run by a peacock pilot and his kiwi assistant. The chickens travel the world to collect goldern eggs & a photo of the destination visited. Play this game and experience exciting upgrades, rewards, and travel the world while learning addition, subtraction and place value up to 100!
Arthur Low, the project's first programmer.
Trevor Brown, the project's first UX designer.
Joe Horan, the UX designer.
Roma Jensen, the artist.
Gregg Sanderson, the producer.
Luke Jayapalan, the designer.
Toms Jensen, who provided additional programming help.
Alex Stone, the project's account manager.
Josh Bartels, who provided the game's audio design.
Lucien McRobbie, who provided additional audio design.
Peter Rambo and Kara Finley, and the designer.
Enlearn, who provided the game's adaptive level progression system.
Ekstep, our client and subject matter expert.