Space Spheres
Developer 2012
Gravitational survival arcade Download | Video
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Save a spaceship from destruction by moving the planets around it. Use gravity to your advantage to slingshot the ship to safety. Survive for as long as possible.

Made in four weeks as final project for a graphics course. The game came together quickly, allowing me to spend a lot of time polishing it up, adding particle effects, music, faux-3D sound effects, and even an additional game mode. I was encouraged to get this published but my coursework the following semester, along with some licensing issues, proved to be a blockade.

It's a simple game that proved addicting during its development. The death screen text, "You weren't ready" was originally placeholder, but my professor loved it so much that I left it in.
Acknowledgements Music

Everyone who tested the game during its development. I appreciated your encouragement.

FreeMusicArchive, source of the music used in-game under Creative Commons.