A Study in Human Traditions
Writer 2015
Human culture simulator Play:   1
About the game

Help scientist Simon understand the stranger parts of human culture. Assist him in figuring out such ancient rituals as "Dinner Party", "First Date", and "Democracy", and perhaps learn something about yourself in the process.

An evolution in my Twine style, making use of audio and player choice within a very different structure than my previous stories. Fans of my previous stories will enjoy the dark humor. Newcomers will enjoy the sharp dialog. Both will come to enjoy exploring the mysterious world Simon inhabits.
Entry #1: Hollowed Weed Play:   itch.io | Screenshots:   1 2 3

Investigate a mysterious ritual known only as "Hollowed Weed". Or something like that - records we've got are pretty unreliable, what with all the scratches and a few hundred years of heat and dust accumulation. You know how it is. Anyways, I'm sure we'll figure it out.