Sights and Sounds
Lead Programmer 2013
Educational block puzzler Play
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Guide two robbers who must escape a tomb. After getting caught, they are challenged to escape with separate disadvantages.

Made in four weeks as a group project. We were prompted to create an educational game, and from that we made a puzzle platformer in which a blind character and deaf character cooperate to overcome a series of single-screen challenges.

It's a short but well-polished game, and the atmosphere is very engrossing, courtesy of the detailed environments, realistic soundscape, and usage of lighting. This is also the first group project for which I made a level editor.
Acknowledgements Sounds | Music

Robert Bethune, additional programmer and co-producer.
Devon Case, designer and co-producer.
Kristen Darling, who crafted our environment assets.
Caitlin Coon, creator of the characters and intro cutscene.

FreeSound, whose sounds assist the game's atmosphere.
FreeMusicArchive, source of the two songs used in-game under Creative Commons.