We Love Nuclear Armageddon
Lead Programmer (NeverYear Games) 2015
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About the game

Spread peace to the galaxy through nuclear warfare! Fight against three factions to destroy every nuclear weapon and habitable planet you can find. Challenge your friends in short, intense matches, using each faction's unique weapons to out-maneuver and out-nuke each other's planets. Do you love Nuclear Armageddon?

Winner of Best Design at Champlain College Senior Show 2015!
Winner of First Place at RPI GameFest 2015!
More about development

I've wanted to build this game since summer 2013, when the name "Everybody Loves Nuclear Armageddon" showed up in a random game name generator. Developing this has been a fun exercise in framework design. Since making Pierce the Dark, my understanding of Unity3D and its limitations has broadened considerably.I've had to engineer several workarounds to make sure the game performs well without being cumbersome for others to use, and so far my efforts have paid off. The game runs very well on both tablet, computer, and phone, and looks beautiful at 60 FPS.

Additionally, I've crafted a very flexible UI system for the game, first out of necessity, given the state of Unity's UI system at the start of development, and second as a useful experiment at applying my skills to add copious amounts of polish to our game with little additional effort. Every form can be layered on top of one another, accepting inputs or blocking others. A custom animation and tweening system allows us to give every menu and in-game asset additional polish and personality.

Along with serving as the team's lead engineer, I've also worn a few other hats from time to time. During the game's development, I've assisted with narrative and character design, dealt with systems design, and created the art for many of the game's small feedback effects. I've also chosen much of the game's music, which spans from patriotic marches and waltzes to orchestral suites and several chiptunes both as a callback to our earlier development period and to further distance the alien faction from the humans).

Developing this has been a good experience. Though stressful at times, as most development periods are, I've had the pleasure to work with a wonderful, talented team of designers, artists, and programmers.

The Original Team:
John Alexander Cotto, co-lead designer.
John Mancino, co-lead designer.
Michael Taranto, lead artist.

New Members:
Charles Stone, systems designer.
T.J. Landy, level designer.
Dillon Handy, producer.
Robert Bethune, AI programmer.
Alex Germek, UI artist.
Stephen Baptiste, 3D artist and animator.

FreeSound, source of the game's blips, bloops, and zoops.
Brother Android, source of some of the game's placeholder music.