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Programmer (Team New Mexico) 2013
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Play as fisherman Al. Soar through the skies using nothing more than a fishing pole, bobber, and your incredible muscles. Prepare for an emotional journey through nine levels of arcade heaven.

Made in six weeks as a group project. We were prompted to create a mobile game, and we ended up with a fun, if bizarre, fishing experience. There's a journey of a virtual mile to make, tricks to pull off, and some very trippy environments to explore.

It's a challenging game, and while certain areas are more polished than others, the experience is solid. I'm particularly fond of the [spoiler] level, which surprised and shocked many testers. This was also my first experience with mobile game development, which forced me to consider optimizations that previously hadn't concerned me. I created a Flash framework, BeauSWFMobile, specifically for this project.
Acknowledgements Sounds | Music

Jak Tiano, who did design work and created most of the in-game music.
Nicholas Robison, who assisted with design work.
Timothy Yasi, Michael Medina, and Caitlin Coon, who made the game look pretty.
William Saxe, who provided the voice for the [spoiler] level.

FreeSound, whose sounds provide the game's atmosphere.
FreeMusicArchive, source of additional in-game music.