Category:Relaxing Fractional Puzzler
When:Released Aug 2016
Role:Primary Developer (Filament Games)
Media:Video 1 | 2
Slice your way through endless procedurally generated puzzles in Diffission! Highlight, slash, and dismantle deceptively simple shapes and unlock special block types as you work your way to the coveted title of Diffissionist. Looking for an even greater challenge? Test your mental agility in Challenge Mode.
My first commercial title, and a learning game to boot! The game's early levels serve as an introduction to fractions, while later levels explore the application of divisibity rules and advanced spatial partitioning skills.
Developer Notes
Dev Time:Nov 2015 - Aug 2016 (9 Months)
Fav Secret:The Secret Challenge
# of Subtitles:39
This started as a simple Unity port of an existing game of ours. Once I took ownership over it, it turned into a more complicated exploration of divisibility rules and spatial partitioning, and, after some internal discussions, became a full-on new project. I was the primary developer for the duration of the project, with some consultation from a few Filament folks, production and QA support, and marketing support from the studio. It would not have been possible without their help.
Design-wise, I'm pleased with how the different block mechanics interact and force you to think several moves ahead. This led to a great discovery period where I would sift through the results of the level generator looking for interesting new level concepts. Unfortunately, some of the game's most engaging content came together very late in the process and ended up locked behind a secret interaction. This project taught me that there is definitely such a thing as a too-well-hidden secret.
This project was also a great reminder of how difficult it really is to ship a game. Videos, special builds, blog posts, emails, gifs for social media... and that's just for marketing! Bringing a game together is tough, and I'm glad to have had the support I did at Filament to get this game to the finish line.
Oh, if you're wondering how to access this secret content, you can sit through the credits on the title screen to get your answer. ...Not enough? The credits themselves are actually an interactable element. If you tap them three times, it'll bring you to the secret challenge.
Joe Horan, who provided art and UX support.
Luke Jayapalan, who provided design support.
Casey Arendt, who provided additional UX consulting.
Josh Bartels, who provided music and sound effects.
Arthur Low, who provided engineering support.
Alex Stone, who provided additional engineering support and platform assistance.
Andy Bourassa, who provided web integration support.
Shaina Peshkov, Kara Finley, and Brian Czech, who all provided excellent quality assurance support.
Abigail Rindo, who provided production support.
Marshall Behringer, who served as product manager.
Brandon Pittser, Filament's marketing director and frequent contact during the later stages of the project.
Autumn Cooney and Madeline Folz, who provided promotional artwork.
Elle Jacobson, who served as the project's account executive.
Miranda Salguero, who served as an educational consultant for the project.
And everyone else that playtested the game. Thank you all for your support!