Always Marching On
Category:Clockwork Platformer
When:Released Jan 2012
Role:Programmer (Team Clockwork)
Navigate a series of clockwork soldiers through dangerous environments, attempting to prolong your collective battery power as long as possible.
Developer Notes
Dev Time:Jan 2012 (2 Days)
Fav Mechanic:Mushroom Platforms
Made in two days for the 2012 Global Game Jam. When prompted with the Ouroboros symbol, we came up with the idea of wind-up soldiers activating each other in a chain. 48 hours later, we had a short but well-designed little platformer with surprisingly beautiful graphics and catchy music.
This was my first game jam experience, complete with little sleep and having to resolve creative differences when designing levels. I'm proud of how it turned out, though, particularly with the lighting. The forest levels have an interesting mechanic and the fireflies make for a very pretty scene.
Evan Schipellite, who created levels and assisted with programming.
Willian Aalto, who also helped create levels.
Tony Chiodo, who created the game's art and music.